Packages & Prices



Our wedding package is simple and elegant, rich in colour and sound, modern and robust. We use a pure white semi-transparent cloth finish on all our stands and booth which is illuminated from behind and designed to work with your theme. We also include our moving head spot lighting package as standard.

Full Wedding Party Package

4 hour DJ performance

1 hour of background music

Set up 2 hours before start

100 pre party song request

Twin Mirror Ball lighting Inc.

— Kent from: £420 —

— London from: £450  —

(Wedding Turntable DJ + £60)

See video below for Turntable Wedding Party Package – The ultimate in wedding party packages.

— Wedding Turntable Party Package : £480  —



untitled-drawing-62Fancy really impressing your guests an making a big impression? Choose the Turntable DJ Option when enquiring. Don’t worry, we still have access to every possible song you can think of. See video below…


untitled-drawing-59The Party Package is versatile and is designed to fit perfectly within your venue no mater where it is (even outdoors). The package is ideal for events such as birthdays, office parties, charity events etc. If you think you’ll need to pack more punch for whatever reason you can upgrade both the sound and light. See the video below for our standard Party Package. 

Full Party Discotheque Package

4 hour DJ performance

Set up 1 hours before start

30 pre party song request

— Kent from: £350 —

— London from: £380  —

(Wedding Turntable DJ + £60)


untitled-drawing-60untitled-drawing-61We can transform your venue using our lighting and sound system leaving you to plug in your device playing the music you love! This is ideal for house parties or simply when you need the atmosphere but don’t really need a DJ OR you my even have a DJ in the group but just need the gear? To find out more, please contact us.

Full sound & light

Hire for up to 16 hours

Set up 2 hours before start

Tech support online/phone

— From: £255 —