untitled-drawing-38 When you book with us, you book an individual who loves music! An individual who is a performer, a DJ who will take your party to the next level. 

The right entertainment is key to creating an atmosphere of celebration. Book with Oni DJ’s and we’ll provide that ‘feel-good’ vibe that brings everyone together and keeps your guests smiling & grooving…


Our team offer something very special; Bespoke performances designed around you! We’ll discuss your preferences and build a playlist to suit. Having said that, we never make a set-list of songs to play simply because it dampens the ‘personality’ of any performance.  You can always trust a pro DJ to make the right music choices even if you don’t provide a playlist…


Away from the decks, we spend much of our time discovering music, arranging and preparing our performances. One thing you’ll notice when we arrive is that we’re always relaxed and easy to approach – A great performance lies in the preparation.

“DJ’s can be extremely powerful, using music to bring out emotions so strong they can create one of the most memorable experiences of your life.”  Steve Semelino, OniDJ’s


If you’re looking for a DJ with soul, passion and love then be sure to check out our DJ’s page. We have years of experience performing in London, Kent, Spain and even South East Asia. We’ve built a knowledge and library of music that is very special and extremely hard to find. So, if you really want to pump some personally into your party then get in touch. We are extremely versatile and knowledgeable with the ability to read the crowd and take you and your guests on an amazing roller coaster ride through the use of music.

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In a rush? No time to speak? Ask a question? Simply call or message us below 🙂





We provide the Sound system, the Lights and the Headphone lead. You plug in your device and do your thing! 

With music so easy to access via Spotify & iTunes it’s easy to make a playlist you love so we’ve decide to offer a service where you simply plug in and dance – No DJ.

call Steve to find out more: 07738911518