We have the practical skills and knowledge to provide the perfect party! We study subjects including the art of Djing, music theory and music production. We believe this, coupled with the time spent perfecting our skill-set makes us a little different from your regular Mobile Disco DJ. Knowledge is power and studying the theory makes all the difference which is clear to hear (and see) when we perform.

text-1Hundreds of hours are spend each year researching and acquiring the very best in modern music together with the countless classics and reworks of great classic tracks. It’s this time and dedication that allow us to pull out seriously good tunes, one after the next for hours on end. Our ability to create the perfect atmosphere and keep you and your guests interested and excited is second to none and although we take ourselves seriously as DJ’s we make sure that our performances are uplifting, funky, exciting and above all fun!

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“Hi guys I’m Steve, I’m 38 and I’ve been spinning tunes professionally for over 12 years. I’ve performed countless times and performed at a huge variety of events; from the most lavish hotels in London to the deep jungles of Thailand. I’ve always loved music and been lucky enough to have a rolling stone for a papa which is where I get my groove. As far as music goes I love a bit of everything. Having said that I’m definitely a DJ who loves his music with plenty of groove, rhythm and percussion. How cheesy am I on the scale of 1-10, well I’m not Abba cheesy (unless your mum asks) but I’ll defo play ‘Felling Hot Hot Hot’ and ‘La Bamba’ – I mean, who wouldn’t.”

Steve is a First Class DJ with the following skill-set:

Excellent ability to manipulate, direct and keep a party excited for many hours.

Excellent knowledge of all genres with over 10k specially selected tunes.

Ability to seamlessly mix all genres of music, engage and enthuse all party types.

Theoretical as well as practical knowledge and understanding of the Art.

A teacher of DJing at GCSE level.

Ability to mix on Turntables.

Electronic Music Producer with his first album release due in late 2017.


Old Skool: 80’s Rhythm & Blues, Disco, 80’s Electronic, 90’s R’n’B & Hip-Hop, Early 90’s Acid House, House & Garage, Club Classics, Anthems, Salsa & Reggae, Trip Hop & Chill house.

New Skool: Dance Anthems, RnB & Hip Hop, House & Garage, U.K Chart, Grime, Latino


untitled-drawing-60“It’s not uncommon for guests to say that we have provided one of the best parties they have ever experienced. To be fair, most who express such inspiring comments have usually had a few so even though it feels great to hear such words, I’m not sure they really, really mean it.” 🙂 Steve Semelino, Oni DJ’suntitled-drawing-60



fgfg-1“Hi, I’m Robert, I’ve been DJing at weddings, Bars and Offices Parties in Kent for five years now and I’m best known as the DJ who gives the people what they want. I play whatever the crowd ask and keep my DJ performances mainstream playing tunes form 1950’s-2010’s after all; it’s a party! How serious am I about my music? well look at my face in the photo above, that’s how serious I am 😉 Honestly, I love music that gets me fist pumping which can be anything from Queen to Calvin Harris. How cheesy am I? I’m as cheesy as you want me to be”.

Robert is a Quality DJ with the following skill-set:

Experienced DJ with over five years commercial experience.

Good ability to manipulate, direct and keep a party excited and moving for many hours.

Outstanding knowledge of all genres with over 10k specially selected tunes.

The ability to mix all genres of music and strong ability to engage all age groups.

A true crowd pleaser and the DJ of choice for so many.


Old Skool: 50’s , 60’s, 70’s, 80’s & 90’s Pop, Disco, Rock Anthems, 90’s Dance and Party Anthems.

New Skool: Dance Anthems, Indy, RnB, U.K. Chart, Party Anthems.