untitled-drawing-45Our team are highly experienced and perfect for those who love music and love to party!  Our productions are elegant and bespoke with acoustics being a priory. Our lighting is warm, modern and designed to work perfectly with your theme. Our sound is crisp, clean and full. You can be sure that with Oni DJ’s your entertainment will be a highlight with your friends asking; Where did you find these guys?


1. To provide a first class Wedding Party. We’ll deliver a performance with enthusiasm and passion. We’ll provide a professional sound system and lightning package to accompany your DJ of choice.

2. Play the music you want and plenty of it. No matter what your taste in music, we are fluent and our DJ’s will play the music you and your guests love. Requests are taken on the night and you can send over your playlist via email, Spotify or iTunes . In most cases clients just give us a fewMust Play tunes, after all, any pro DJ will be experienced and knowledgeable enough to select the right music to rock your wedding!

3. Engage with everyone. Weddings tend to have people with different music tastes so we make sure to play music from across-the-board so that mum, dad, friends and family get the chance to ‘cut-a-rug’ 🙂

4. Provide back-up equipment. We make sure our gear is backed up so your party never stops. No matter which DJ company you choose, be sure they have a contingency plan in place for when things go wrong! It’s the peace of mind you deserve on such a big day.

5. Provide a DJ for your big day.  In the unlikely event your chosen DJ cannot get to your wedding party (illness etc) the other DJ will fill in. This has never happened and rest assure we’ve never missed an event.

7. Provide customer support from the moment you book. We give you piece of mind every step of the way. When you book, we’ll create a form outlining every detail about your wedding party so you can be sure, we’ve got it right! We’ll also contact you along the way and give you peace of mind and remind you about any details we need.

untitled-drawing-47Like any professional, our DJ’s read the dance floor and make the right music choices to engage with your guests. At wedding parties we quite simply play a good mix of music so that everyone can enjoy themselves while keeping our renowned performances uplifting, funky and fun all night long!


“From the moment a DJ’s starts a performance, their love, passion and enthusiasm for music should be clear to see and hear. Their presence alone should create an atmosphere and get people in the mood for dancing” Steve Semelino, Oni DJ’s


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